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Scientific testing helps ensure great in-home results

We believe the test that matters most is how our carpet performs in your custom’s home, and that’s where we focus our eforts. We use scientific method to test our carpets in a way that we think is truly predictive of the way they will perform in real life.

* The ASTM D5417 Vettermann Drum Test uses a drum tumbler that’s more than 5 times heavier than the industry standard Light Ball Hexapod, because we believe it simulates the actual dynamics and forces of human footsteps more accurately.

* The ASTM D6540 Drum Soiling Test is a rigorous test that’s designed to assess the carpet’s ability to resist household soiling in a repeatable manner both before and after cleaning cycles.

* Real-World Walk Test is a test where we install carpet in a special high-traffic location that allows us to measure the longterm effect of real-world foot traffic – without waiting years to see the result.

* The ASTM D6972 Chair Caster Test is an extreme test of carpet durability that is good at predicting carpet performance in high traffic areas and in pivot points around doors, corners or stairs where the foot traffic has a turning motion vs. straight line walking.

* And There’s More…but you get the picture

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet is manufactured with high quality materials and built to demanding performance specifications. It’s extremely durable, easy-to-clean, and can stand up to your family’s busy lifestyle. Kids? Pets? High traffic? All in a day’s work for the most trusted brand in carpet.

Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is the softest Stainmaster carpet available. It’s so soft you may feel like spending more time on the floor. THe specially engineered fibers used in TruSoft give it an exceptionally soft touch without sacrificing the durability you’ve come to expect¬†from Stainmaster carpets.

Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet made with SuperiaSD fiber, is built to resist difficult pet stains, easily release pet hair during vacuuming, and resist fading. Also, reduces odors when combined with Stainmaster carpet cushion, keeping pet accidents from penetrating the cushion and subfloor.

Essential Carpets looking for exceptional stain and soil resistance in an easy-to-clean Stainmaster carpet, but your budget is tight? Stainmaster Essentials carpet is the right carpet for you.