Life Happens

No matter how careful we are on carpeted floors, we all know that “life happens”, and when it does you want a carpet that won’t get a new stain every time something happens. Carpet from Shaw is very durable and looks great! To show how durable and waterproof their new Life Happens collection is, they built and lined a pool with carpet. Check out the video below to see how it held up; you can come in to take a look at our selection and set up a free measurement and quote.

Lifetime Warranties: Waterproof Backing / Stain & Soil / No Wrinkle / No Edge Ravel / No Delamination / Tuft Bind
25-Year Warranties: Texture Retention / Abrasive Wear / Quality Assurance

Because spills happen, you’ll want the waterproof protection that LifeGuard from Shaw Floors provides. With the help of a few brave little volunteers, Shaw demonstrates the amazing flooring protection of Lifeguard.

Shaw Floors has launched an innovative new carpet collection that promises to be 100% waterproof. One flooring retailer in Texas puts that claim to an unbelievable test when he builds a swimming pool out of SHAW CARPET with LIFEGUARD.